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The Human Resource Development Centre(HRDC) formerly UGC-Academic Staff College, Gauhati University, started its mission on 8th June 1988 and has devoted itself to training and professional development of college and university teachers, Principals’ and academic administrators, non-teaching staff and also Ph.D. students. The number of Human Resource Development Centre in the country has now risen to 66 and this Human Resource Development Centre is one of the leading HRDC.

This HRDC was the first centre in the NE region for teacher training in Higher Education. The HRDC has served as the meeting ground for teachers and intellectuals belonging to diverse disciplines, religions and ethnicity, diverse cultural and socio-economic background. This HRDC has provided the leadership in providing computer and IT education (ICT) to college teachers particularly from the rural and remote areas of Assam and the NE region. This HRDC has also taken the lead in enriching the training programmes with virtual classroom facility through satellite interaction terminal under the auspices of EDUSAT programmes run by the Consortium of Educational Communication (CEC), New Delhi. For the benefit of graduate and postgraduate students, this HRDC has offered 3-month certificate course on GIS, GPS and Remote Sensing(RS) techniques in collaboration with Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS), Dehradun and ISRO.