Orientation Programmes

This programme is mainly intended for the new entrants to the profession of teaching in the colleges and the universities. The programme is designed to inculcate in the young persons, who have just finished their formal higher education and have joined institutes of higher education as lecturers, a genuine love for teaching through a total understanding of their duties and responsibilities towards their students, their peers, the college administration, the society at large, and above all themselves. In this process, they are to be helped through a general awareness of

  1. The ancient heritage of the country;
  2. The history of higher education in the country;
  3. The spread of education through the nationalist struggle; and
  4. The broad social, intellectual and moral framework of education.

They are to be adequately informed of the teaching techniques, which have seen a tremendous upheaval over the years and more particularly in recent times through the use of modern gadgets and through the utilization of information and communication technology to the maximum and growing knowledge base. An important aim of the Orientation Programme is to help discover self-potential, which is necessary for developing self-confidence, a pre-requisite for an ideal teacher. In the process, the young lecturer is to be acquainted with the developments taking place all around him/her with a true multi-disciplinary approach.