Refresher Courses

The Refresher Course is subject-specific and provides opportunities for the serving teachers of colleges and universities to meet their peers in an atmosphere of mutual learning and interaction. The Course is intended to give information about the latest additions to the knowledge base in the subject through experts in various activity-fields. The course also helps the teachers in tackling problems associated with introduction of new courses of study and revision of syllabi, and in finding out the latest trends of research in the concerned subject. The Course is prepared with a good mix of current topics from diverse fields such as

  • Human rights,
  • Women empowerment,
  • Information technology/ICT,
  • Environmental education
  • Value education.
  • Quality in Higher Education .
  • Assessment and Accreditation of Colleges and Universities.
  • Disaster Managment,
  • Skill & Personality Development,
  • Multiculturalism & Multilingualism of North East.

The purpose behind the Refresher Courses is to improve collegiate education through transmission of knowledge gained through such courses to the students. In order to familiarize with the use of Computers in teaching, participants in each Refresher Course are given hands-on training in preparation and presentation of reports, classroom lectures, spreadsheet and graphics, and on internet use as an aid to teaching resource collection, etc.